Welcome back to Moving Out Of Mum and Dad’s. Which should probably be renamed I Can’t Commit To A Regular Posting Schedule.

I’m a 28 (where did the last three years go) year old, English girl on an accidental mission to work my way around the world. It all started with a few childhood holidays, an obsession with long-term travel blogs and catching the last half of Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Beach.

Finland, 2012
All the gear, no idea

Fast forward seven years, and I’ve spent more time outside of England than in it. Aspiring travellers, teachers, writers, photographers and looky-looky men still occasionally slide into my DMs with questions like, ‘how do you afford to travel so much?’ and ‘you me marry?’ and my response is often disappointing to them; ‘I work full time’ and ‘no.’

I’ve somehow got myself into this habit of trying almost any job, as long as it gets me out of the one I’m currently in. In fact, if the branding ‘Around The World In 80 Jobs’ wasn’t already taken, I’d have bought that damn domain a few years ago. Sadly, this lifestyle has cost me friends, relationships and my sanity multiple times. On the plus side my CV is now twelve pages long, I can read Cyrillic and I have a blog full of stories that might just help one of you guys out.

If you’re looking for monumental cock-ups, sprinkled with travel job inspo and a pretty foul mouth then do proceed to click “BLOG” in the menu tab. If you’re short on time, try following me on instagram for chihuahua sized updates.

Have fun!

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