Why Is There No Reindeer On This Pizza?!: Helsinki, Finland

I’m sad to bring you this post. I’ve been holding off on it for quite a while but the time has come to tell you about why I hate Helsinki.

Firstly, clambering off of our little ferry, we were greeted by a pretty quiet, unlively and very grey looking city. Okay, I can deal with grey. London is grey and I don’t mind London. But really, the apocalypse feel to the place was enough to freak us out. Pressing on we ventured further in to the city centre in search of hot chocolate.

Secondly, Helsinki is stupid expensive. Our hot chocolates were poor, at best, and cost around €4 each! Later on, waiting to turn around and leave, we chose a scabby looking pub hoping to find a cheap drink for the few hours we had to kill… €5 for a pint of Pepsi. FIVE EUROS. What the actual fuck?

Thirdly (and partly bad planning I’ll admit), Helsinki is boring on a Tuesday. Don’t go to Helsinki on a Tuesday. Everything is shut. Absolutely everything. Apart from this weird market… with three stalls in.

Lastly, there is a distinct lack of reindeer… alive or otherwise. I really wanted to say I had tried the culinary delights of reindeer in Finland, but without buying a slab of meat to cook myself, over tiny camping hobs back at the hostel, it was just impossible.

To top the day off, a freak snow storm hit Helsinki and our boat back was cancelled. We were stranded and then this picture happened.

Despite the fact we were forced to walk from one side of town to another four times, were overcharged on several occasions, spent almost seven hours with very little to see and do (we played a hell of a lot of cards) none of us got upset. Maybe it was the Moomins.

The Moomins were cool.

Tell me what I missed in Helsinki because I would love to find a reason to go back and fall in love with it.
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2 thoughts on “Why Is There No Reindeer On This Pizza?!: Helsinki, Finland

  1. You visited wrong town in Finland. Helsinki is just the window to real Finland. Our Lapland is gorgeous and full with experiences. Here are only three example of winter Finland:World’s Biggest Snow Castle.Arctic Circle in winter.My home town experience:Walking on frozen lake.Happy travel. Next time leave capital and visit the real Finland!!!


  2. Thank you Sartenada! I've always wanted to visit Lapland and those links are great. I might reconsider visiting Finland again on my next trip.


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