Day 2: Hostels Can Be Expensive! Budapest, Hungary

I thought that by booking hostels direct, the day before we needed them, we would save money on online booking fees. I was SO wrong. We spent a lot of our morning asking weird, unsociable looking hostel receptionists if they had any availability for the next couple of days. The answer was always, “yes,” but at a rate of about £10 per person per night!

Well, we had already tasted the cheap life of £10 per night for the both of us. In this beautiful airbnb flat rental.

In the courtyard of our Airbnb flat rental

So we headed off for lunch, defeated by the hostel culture.

Drum Cafe was the perfect remedy for our rumbling stomachs and frustration. It is located on Dob Street, if you ever want to visit. It’s bright orange, you can’t miss it. Most places don’t seem to open here until after 1PM, so we were one of the first customers in for lunch.

Photo courtesy of Mike

We both chose a mushroom, garlic and cheese dumpling soup for starters. Mine was part of a lunch deal (which are EVERYWHERE in Budapest) but Mike’s was priced at HUF490. It was so incredibly good, that I kinda wished I just had another bowl with some bread for my main.

Mushroom, garlic and cheese dumpling soup

For mains, I had a beef goulash wrap in a tomatoey/sour creamy sauce. For this and my soup the total was HUF1190. Mike had a sausage and garlic langosh which cost us just HUF690. A langosh is almost like a doughnut. But this was a savoury doughnut, smothered in sour cream. They fucking love their sour cream.

Beef goulash wrap in a tomato sauce

Sausage and garlic langosh

 We had a couple of drinks… a cold, Hungarian, red wine and a coffee. The bill came to a grand total of HUF3060 (about £8.52).

Lucky for us, when we got home, we found a great deal for the 11th Hour Cinema Hostel. Which is pretty much slap bang in the middle of everything we wanted to see and do. For £4.31 each, per night, it was a steal.

After throwing some sausagey pasta together and booking the hostel, we snuggled up again to engage in a Pram Face marathon. Our first full day in Budapest, came to a very quiet end.

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