Day 11: Dracula And Dog Sick… Sighișoara, Romania

It’s pronounced Sziggy-Shwah-rah by the way. I am so in love with this place that I have to share all of it’s beauty with you. Then you can go about your day thinking about how lucky I am to have visited Transylvania, and how annoying it is that you’re not there. Alternatively, you can take my advice, and visit here for a holiday. Because there’s not many beggars… really.

Monday 9th June 2014
On Monday we finally made it up the hill to where all the pretty churches are. And there were SO many churches. If one thing is for certain, Romanians love their churches. The bells ring every morning… and lunch… and dinner… and evening. When it’s foggy or when the storms came, it really felt like the darkness was upon us.

The offending bell ringer/ Orthodox Cathedral
The views from up here, were just plain lovely. The houses were rustic and fit in perfectly with their surroundings. We decided not to enter the Church on the Hill because the views from outside were just as breathtaking. We’re not really God people.


There was also a super cool, crooked house just outside the church, that I had far more interest in.
Who even lives here?

And they all lived together in a little crooked house

I needed to send my grandparents some postcards and there were a few for sale on most stalls. I turned my nose up at the disgustingly overpriced 2 RON (40p) postcards on the first stall, and then bought two from the next stall for 1 RON (20p) each. It was a splurge I guess I had to make.

We then wandered through the streets aimlessly, taking pictures of the pretty buildings and such.

We climbed the Scholars’ Stairs, which is a big wooden staircase leading up to the Church on the Hill (which is a church, on a hill… surprisingly). Also known as the Schoolboys’ Stairs, it’s how the students would reach the Church on the Hill without getting blown away by the winter winds. It was built in 1642 and originally had 300 steps but by 1850 it had just (JUST?!) 175. It was entertaining to watch coach loads of old people suddenly become more interested in Dracula nik naks than ancient architecture.

No, Mike has not had a spray tan

Sighișoara is the supposed birth place of Vlad Tepes (The Impaler), the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s character, Dracula. Naturally, there was lots of merch professing it’s love for Dracula. I kinda liked it. But then I did come to Romania with the sole purpose of hunting vampires.

He fucking loves being a Dracula sign

My favourite picture of the day was of the Stag House. Which until recent restoration just had a stags skull set (yes, a real one) on the corner of the building, but now has two stag body murals as well. Awesome.

Stag House in Sighisoara

We sat down in the citadel for a quick bevvy in the sun. It wasn’t cheap, like in Budapest but it was FAR from expensive. A beer was cheaper than a can of Pepsi and together were about 10.50 RON (about £2.10). That £2.10 was worth it, just to watch this dog be sick all over the citadel cobbles.

You can see some sick in the back there…

All in all, it took about 2 hours to see everything… and we walked back to the hostel to sunbathe some more. Romanian sun, is good sun.

At the time, we knew we had an early train to catch the next day. At the time, we didn’t know that it would be the most frustrating day of our travels so far…
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