Day 9 & 10: Taking It Easy In The Romanian Countryside… Sighișoara, Romania

If you read the last post, you will know that on the 7thJune 2014, we arrived in Sighișoara, Romania. This place stuck out to me on the map. Bloggers before me have insisted upon people visiting these streets. We booked three nights here in a hostel/camping/shed facility called Aquaris Camping. On arrival, the train station looked a bit dodgy and there were no maps, but we found Aquaris quickly and they immediately gave us the keys to our bungalow (SHED). Instead of checking out the sites right away, we chose to spend a couple of days relaxing.

Saturday 7th June 2014
We were so tired after a long night of travelling that we slept from 8:20AM to 2PM and missed most of the sunshine. When we were finally ready to head out, we chose the first restaurant available to us (which you should never do) and ordered food. By this point it was around 4.30PM and we had no idea that things were beginning to shut for 5PM. We ordered two pizzas, a side of chips and two Pepsis at 4.55PM and then realised that we were holding up the restaurant.
Our pizzas at the first restaurant we found in Sighișoara were AHmazing

We ate up, it didn’t take us long, we were starving. We made a hasty exit, apologising and leaving a guilt tip of about £1 (Heyyy, big spendahhh). The meal itself came to 43 RON… the equivalent of £8.50…ish. We returned to the hostel with a few 50p beers (HOW?! How are they 50p?!) and got caught up on the Wi-Fi. It was a much needed rest day.

Sunday 8th June 2014
Mike and I had plans to explore the historical sites of Sighișoara on Sunday, but we ended up sleeping in. Instead, we found a nearby supermarket, called Kaufland, and bought food to last us until we reached Bucharest. For 80 RON (£16) we bought:

500g pasta
2 x pasta sauces (arrabiatta and Bolognese)
Grated Emmental cheese
1 x pack of salami
2 x frozen baguette pizzas
1 x garlic baguette
2L pepsi
4 x 0.5l beers
3 x forks (because there is NO cutlery at the campsite)
1 x hair brush (because I stupidly left mine at home, and can no longer cope without it)
2 x 5 bread roll packs
1 x Milka chocolate bar
6 x bananas
1 x pack of Lays barbecue flavour crisps
This should last us two whole days and one morning. If you factor out that we had to buy forks (£1.50) and a hairbrush (1.50) then we’re doing pretty well to stay on budget. Even if we do live on pasta bakes and sammiches.
Again, we returned to the hostel to catch up with the family. We also booked our flights to Barcelona, so if you’re interested in how we get on there, then check back around the 27th June.  
We had one full day left in Sighișoara, where we actually made it out to town. So that little account will be next. It involves some Dracula and some dogs being sick.
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