Day 13 & 14: Fast Food, Sausages And Beer Pong… Bucharest, Romania

As I promised, this post is pretty much about our fleeting love affair with fast food, our adoration for sausages over here and also about beating Americans at beer pong. Please don’t judge us on this post. We’re weak, just like everyone else and navigating busy Bucharest for Romanian food for every meal was just too much hard work. It also increased the likelihood of us being run over.

Wednesday 13th June 2014

After our tragic train catching adventure on Tuesday, we got suitably lost looking for X Hostel, where we were delivering those gas cannisters to. A man and his wife (?) clocked our map and our puzzled faces. They showed us to the hostel which we had actually walked straight past just five minutes earlier. They were so helpful, we couldn’t say thank you enough.

The hostel offered us a free welcome drink and we collapsed into the sofas. When dinner came around, we went out to search for a cheap street kebab, but nothing was as well priced as in Budapest. We turned our noses up and ordered Dominos pizza instead. A large Mexicana pizza and BBQ chicken wings came to just under £10. It was friggin’ awesome.

On the Wednesday, we made the effort to find real Romanian food (we had been living on pizza). The hostel receptionist recommended Casa cu Bere and I’m so glad he did. For starters, we had Romanian cheese balls with balsamic vinegar to share. For mains, I had mixed mince meat in cabbage leaves with polenta and a side of chilli. I scraped most of the sour cream off. They really do fucking love their sour cream. Mike had cheese stuffed sausages with boiled potatoes. The sausages were the winning item across the whole meal.

Romanian Cheese balls with balsamic vinegar

Minced meat in cabbage leave with polenta

Cheese filled sausages with boiled potatoes

When we went indoors to use the toilets we were shocked to find a massive, luxurious restaurant with live string entertainment. It was crazy, and beautiful, and awesome.

Inside Casa cu Bere

Later on, our hostel was hosting a Couch Surfing meeting. Lots of people were in the bar drinking and we were challenged to a game of beer pong. Despite the LITRES of beer Mike had drunk and my terrible hand-eye coordination, we actually won.

We returned to the smelly-cheese-fest-dorm-room* to sleep.

Thursday 14th June 2014
The next day, Mike was struggling with a fat hangover and I just couldn’t face scouring menus for a cheap chicken schnitzel. We decided that KFC was the best option.

We had to check out early and our train wasn’t until 11.55PM so I used the afternoon to have a wander around. Just me, my camera and my map. I first walked along the river in the direction of the Palace of Parliament, the second largest building in the world (or so the internet says). The Palace of Parliament was constructed by and for Nicolae Ceausescu. The man didn’t know how to be humble, and demolished loads of the old structures still standing in Bucharest, JUST to build this mammoth of a house. The Palace of Parliament represents one of the most extravagant and expensive building projects in the history of mankind.

The Palace of Parliament, Bucharest

I then walked down the fancy boulevard back towards the Old Town. There was a seriously disfigured beggar-man and I contemplated how awful his life must be but I couldn’t help. I’d brought nothing but my camera and map out.

When I finished shooting random picturesque buildings in the Old Town I headed back to the hostel for a much needed shower and to throw my flip flops away. The rest of that day we spent waiting to get on a train and eating more Dominos. (Yep, MORE fast food.)

Some pretty buildings still exist in Bucharest (this is along the river)

Graffiti street in the Old Town

*Smelly-cheese-fest-dorm-room is called so, because some weird old lady with a pet tortoise had SOMETHING in her locker that really stank. It slowly killed everybody in the room. We were the only survivors.

As you can see, Bucharest wasn’t exactly the highlight of our trip. We ate so much fast food I wanted to cry, but with no kitchen and with higher restaurant prices we just had no choice.
On to Bulgaria!
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