Day 19: Bulgarian Food Gets Our Seal Of Approval… Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

So… I forgot to mention that I found a scorpion in the bathroom at the hostel the other night. As you do. If you follow me on twitter you might have seen that I pooed my pants a little, if you don’t, well then you should follow me. Because then you hear stories about me pooing my pants. However, this post is basicly a tribute to Bulgarian food and why we love it.

Tuesday 17th June 2014
On Tuesday, we fancied spending some money to get a good taste of Bulgarian/Balkan cuisine. Our last fancy pants meal was quite “expensive” (in Bucharest, Romania and came to about £22) but this one hit the spot for just £13.50. If you need to locate it, it is the big restaurant with outside seating, next to Ego Pizza in Veliko Tarnovo and above the mural of a lady pinching another lady’s nipple.

We chose the Gypsy Dish for two, a garlic flatbread and two lemonades. It was essentially meat upon meat upon garlic and carbs and everything that should be bad for you. But it was so good. It was quite an overcast day (mostly) and it was such a warming and cosy dish.

We picked our way through veal, pork, chicken, meatballs, potatoes and mushrooms and then mopped up all the juices with the flatbread. It was served still sizzling on this hot plate thing.

Exhibit A of awesome Bulgarian food

On another day, we found ourselves quite peckish at about 3PM and dinner wasn’t served until 7PM. We also weren’t sure lentil soup was going to cut it. We stumbled around the Old Market area of VT until we came across a small alley with a tavern in.

Here I had a kofte sausage/kebab type thing with some chips and Mike tried a very unusual dish made up of Bulgarian feta cheese, an egg, tomatoes, mushrooms and sausage. It was called a Cheese Po Trakijski which is served in a gyuvetche (or a clay pot to you and me).

Exhibit B of awesome Bulgarian food

On our first morning in VT the receptionist at the hostel (such a nice girl and worth staying at Hostel Mostel just for her) told us we were welcome to breakfast downstairs in the dining area.

I pretty much honed in on the Bulgarian doughnuts (which, at the time, were only known as awesome dough things). I ate five. They were glorious. Some other guests were debating whether you were supposed to eat them as a sweet or a savoury item but Mike and I had been eating them as both all week with different toppings.

Exhibit C of awesome Bulgarian food

Back home we generally associate kebabs with Turkey, but (unsurprisingly) it is a popular street food option here, in Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s history largely features the Turks and so really, it is no wonder that you can pick up a kebab at any time of the day on most streets. Normally, chicken kebabs are more available. But they’re nicer anyway.

Exhibit D of awesome Bulgarian food*

* Photo actually taken in Hungary, but kebab is kebab right?

Another great street food option which is available EVERYWHERE, is pizza. The pizzas here are like, four times the size of my head and you can easily buy a slab for about 40p. Most of the shops selling pizza also sell other goodies like sausage and cheese turnovers, croissants and various pastries of unknown filling (when I start understanding the Cyrillic alphabet I’ll let you know).

I apologise now for the impending lack of photos… I appear to be having technical (water damage related) difficulties with my camera. If anyone knows of where I can get a bridge camera with a manual setting mode on it for under £100, that would be swell. Until then I shall limp along with my old Panasonic, but photos may be somewhat inconsistent.

Back to the point in hand…

Awarding, Bulgarian Cuisine, the official Zoe and Mike seal of approval!
Thanks for reading about all the awesome food we’re eating here in Bulgaria. I can think of at least one person (ahem, Abi King) that is probably salivating at the thought of all this food. I’m working on a post about our travel day from hell, endured on Wednesday 18th. I’ll let you all know via the battle fields of social media when it’s done 🙂
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2 thoughts on “Day 19: Bulgarian Food Gets Our Seal Of Approval… Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

  1. That made me giggle! You're very correct Zoe! I am so jealous of all the lovely food you and Mike are having! Xxx


  2. Yayyy, comments! Haha, thanks Abi 🙂 we shall eat muchos in Spain xxx


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