Barcelona Can Not Be Done In A Day… Barcelona, Spain

If you have been reading along, you will know that we left the UK on the 30th May 2014. If you haven’t kept up, you now know this too! We’ve been travelling mostly by train every few days, stopping in various places across Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. 25 days after we started, we flew to Spain to meet the family for a week long, all inclusive holiday from our holiday. But first, we had to try and navigate Barcelona.

Tuesday 24th June 2014
On the 24th June 2014, Mike and I sat patiently waiting at Barcelona train station (which feels more like an airport) for Guy and Abi to meet us.We had put our backbreakers (I mean backpacks) into the left luggage storage and had indulged in ANOTHER McDonalds.

When they finally arrived we spent a while trying to figure out where to get a map (the tourist office in the station had a ridonculous queue). We actually found a similar stand right outside with maps for 1 euro.

We first walked a million miles to Camp Nou, the Barcelona FC stadium. I couldn’t have been any less interested in the place, but Brother was in his element, so we all stuck around to take some pictures.

Every little boy’s dream

We then needed to get to Sagrada Familia, for Abi. We couldn’t bear the walk, so we got a taxi and that was a massive mistake. NEVER GET TAXIS IN BARCELONA. You spend more time (and money) sitting at traffic lights than you do actually getting anywhere.

Sagrada Familia was beautiful from the outside. Guy and Abi paid the extortionate prices to go inside. If you’re planning on visiting Sagrada Familia, book your tickets in advance. We ended up sat in the McDonalds opposite, booking tickets for entry fifteen minutes later as the queue was at least two hours long.

I recommend you book your tickets in advance if you are wanting to go up the towers etc.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia, close up

 While Guy and Abi basked in the ambience of Gaudi, Mike and I got lost trying to find the Arc de Triomf. When we did find it, we were more in awe by the greatest toasties in the world. Seriously, the greatest toasties ever. It was a weird little cafe/restaurant doing toastie and coffee deals, right in front of the Arc.

The Arc de Triomf

Once found by the rest of the tribe, we spent 20 minutes waiting for a torrential downpour of rain to pass. And then we needed more food. Thanks to my severe lack of good judgement we ended up being robbed in a restaurant near the sea somewhere in Barceloneta (I think).

Pretty distraught over the money we spent, the thought of walking back to the main train station was enough to kill us off. We tried to find a metro line that would put us in touch with Barcelona Sants without too many changes.

Walking swiftly (boohoo) through the Gothic Quarter, we approached La Rambla. The Catalunya station, situated at the North, was the best line back to Barcelona Sants. Which is annoying because the train we had to get on from BS to Santa Susanna went back through Catalunya AND we could have left the backbreakers there.

Ps. Walking up La Rambla to Catalunya was enough to drive anybody mad. The little bird whistle things are in huge supply and EVERYONE has one. Or at least one.

From Barcelona Sants, we caught the very last train back to Santa Susanna by the skin of our teeth and I started to get into holiday mode. The train ride took us along the coast and it was a nice ride, apart from the smelly punk people with their smelly, sea salt dogs.

Our views from the train

 Just an hour and a half later we found ourselves in Santa Susanna. Our holiday destination.

In my next post, I’ll be telling you how to stowaway in an all inclusive hotel. 
YAY, for free holidays!
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