Parma Ham Is Shit… Trapani and Erice, Italy

The title of this post says it all… really. What did I learn in my first couple of days wandering around Sicily? Parma ham is both gross and expensive. It cost me no less than 2 euros for two slices… and it was just rubbish.
While I was doing my usual two hour long supermarket shop I also discovered that packet dinners are probably your best bet when cooking for one. Especially since buying fresh tortellini and eating it over a period of three days gave me the poos at the most inopportune time. More on that later.
I spent my first day in Sicily (and my first real day in a new place on my own) schlepping around the old town. I spent a few minutes being sociable with local fishermen in the harbour and I sat down for a cheese and ham toastie. Which I was overcharged for. No tip for you.
Twin clock tower, Palazzo Senatorio
My plan was to spend the afternoon laying in the sun on the beach near my apartment, but it was windy as fook. Instead, I walked the whole length of the coastline. There was a small beach area with some ruins and boats at the end but there was also this creepy looking guy in speedos so I didn’t go any further.
When I made it back to the road, near the abandoned hotel, another pleb started following me and was tapping my shoulder. I told him to do one and reminded myself that I was probably asking for the attention… being a woman and all. *End sarcasm*
I stood for a while imagining what it would be like to own the hotel. How I would make it an amazing little getaway in Sicily at an affordable price for people like me and my family to enjoy. It was quite fun actually… I sorta realised that I can do anything I want. I have no life plan. How liberating!
The White Horse, an abandoned hotel
The next day, I chose to visit Erice at the top of the hill/mountain. Only… no post bus on Sundays.
I waited well over an hour for my bus to arrive and it just didn’t. A lady who visited the day before said that I could walk to the top but I shrugged her off and assumed she was bat shit crazy. Instead, I walked to the cable car at the bottom of the hill.
Following the bus signs was actually pretty easy and then I came across this little handwritten sign and two men who directed me through a car park and to the cable car. And it really wasn’t that far. In fact, waiting for and getting on a bus would have taken more time than just walking in the first place.
The cable car was about 8 euros return, apparently it doesn’t run on Mondays so if you’re ever there be sure to factor that one in. It’s a good ten minute ride to the top so I think it’s worth the money and the views were spectacular. The windows were a bit dirty, but the whole experience was a positive for me.
On the cable car
Erice is a beautiful town at the top of the hill overlooking Trapani and surrounding regions. I spent a few hours taking pictures of the views in every direction and looking for that perfect shot of the little castle in the hill. If I wasn’t feeling so tight I’d have had pizza in the restaurant on the right side of town.
Instead I ate half of my shit Parma ham and spreadable cheese sandwich and got an expensive Coke from the first bar I saw. Whose Wifi didn’t actually work when I sat down. And where I was given a plastic cup, not a glass one.
All in all, I had a fairytale day in Sicily. I spent an awfully long time getting very lost trying to find my apartment again… but getting lost has become standard for me. When I eventually did get home, I packed up my stuff ready for travel to Palermo the next day.
Onwards to Naples!
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