When In Rome, You Probably Shouldn’t Get As Drunk As I Did… Rome, Italy

It turns out that not all of my dorm friends were arrogant arseholes. Sean and Chantal weren’t even in the room and were instead in the kitchen getting drunk or something with Kara and Ayla. All four of these people made the next couple of days amazeballs.

On my first day we headed out together to see the main sites of Rome. Of course, we didn’t get far without treating ourselves to a healthy dose of booze. We set off early and walked more or less in the exact direction of where I had happened to get lost the night before. I think this was the only point in the day where I could confidently tell you where I was and how to get home. Map Guy Sean took care of the rest.

We crossed a busy roundabout to take pictures at what would be one of the many fountains we saw that day. I immediately regretted the decision… as getting back across the roundabout from the middle seemed harder than getting there in the first place.

I’m certain that this is what we managed to achieve first, however everything seems to be jumbled in my memory. I’m not sure if that’s the fault of the giant Godfather cocktail I drank or the fact that this post is actually two months late.

I remember approaching the Spanish Steps and being so completely underwhelmed that I was actually angry. That’s right, the Spanish Steps made me angry. Equally as annoying as gazing upon the Steps was the sheer disappointment of some of the fountains in Rome. I mean, no one needs a fountain on EVERY SINGLE CORNER, but Rome has them. The disappointing factor of them being that some of them might as well not actually be there.

Dribbles of water are neither sexy, nor cool.

The most disappointing of them all was the Trevi Fountain… which was under maintenance and a lot of scaffolding, men in high vis jackets and polystyrene coffee cups. I didn’t even bother taking a picture.

The Roman Forum was one of the highlights and the next day, when I was supposed to be queueing in a million degrees celsius to enter the Vatican, I returned with pizza. Much to the amusement of the gardeners.

My favourite part of the Forum was probably the entertainment. We watched a few people get accosted by gladiators before we fell victim to a few stupid photos. Needless to say, I was not paying for the privilege of being harassed by a man in feathers and a skirt.

Somewhere along our bar/pizza crawl of Rome we came across the Pantheon. Which was absolutely stunning. My pictures do not do it justice. The Pantheon was then only overshadowed by the colosseum, which was kind of expected.

Upon trying to find the colosseum we made a group decision to afterwards go to an Ice Bar down the road from our hostel. After quite a lot of trekking (and drinking) this didn’t happen. Instead we all got kebabs and trotted on back to the hostel with plenty of wine… none of which I actually drank. For the first time in my life my body was so saturated with alcohol that I could no longer fathom the thought of drinking any more.

And there it is, my rather underwhelming post about Rome. I feel this is partly because of how late I have written it and how much has changed since those couple of days. A lot of things were turned upside down when I returned to the UK… The biggest one being that I’m actually not even in the UK any more (that’s how god damn late this post is).

I have a very short post coming up about my travel plans and what’s going on, I feel I owe you guys a little catch up since I’ve been so quiet on the blog front AND I’M SAAAARRRRYYYYY. But I’ll make it up to you, with awesomeness, as I am now over my mental writers block and ready to start blogging Diary Of An Unconventional Chalet Girl.

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2 thoughts on “When In Rome, You Probably Shouldn’t Get As Drunk As I Did… Rome, Italy

  1. Just got my laptop fixed and I just found the aforementioned Gladiator photos. Will post them asap, also found some others that i had totally forgotten about like the Assassins creed statue and the homeless man hugging his dog 🙂


  2. There were a couple on facebook but I was struggling to download them in a decent quality. Would you mind sending a couple to my email on zjtsawyer@hotmail.com? I put a little caption on it saying it's by you!PS… Only a few more months before I'm in your neck of the woods!


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