Diary Of A Chalet Chef Girl: Week 12, Reunited With Asian Food… Andorra

Week 12 was made up of a lot of snow and not a lot of boarding. Last week was more or less a write off in terms of boarding thanks to the slopes being so busy. This week was more to do with the weather. It snowed… and it snowed. And it bloody snowed some more. Though our short stints on the mountain were hilarious (when the chairlifts were actually open) most of our time was spent complaining about our diets.

So here goes… the food diary of a chalet girl. And maybe some other stuff (PS. this is highly likely to put you off wanting to be a chalet girl).


ZOE ate; a bowl of cornflakes, half a bacon and cheese baguette, three fucked up brownies, two fingernails, the equivalent of a roast dinner spread out over 2 hours in bite size portions, two bits of bread dipped in soup and two bowls of eton mess.

GABS ate; half a bowl of cornflakes, half a bacon and cheese baguette, one bogie (LOL), one roast potato, half a pork and apple baguette, a slice of banana loaf and a bite of a carrot stick.


ZOE ate; one and a half bowls of coco pops, a flick of skid mark (or toilet water)… served by a toilet brush, two deathspressos, half a Snickers, a million slivers of rockyroad, a quarter of a ham and cheese baguette, one pepper and goats cheese pinxto, one string of burnt red cabbage, one teaspoon of shit sausage cassoulet sauce, one really healthy lemon pip, one dipped finger of Jim Beam custard and another slice of rocky road.

GABS ate; one fluff ball, two sprays of window cleaner, half a bowl of coco pops, two espressos, half a Snickers, one packet of instant noodles, one rose cake, one slice of cheese, a quarter of an antipasti gluten free baguette, two strings of burnt cabbage and two more hair balls.


ZOE ate; three pieces of rocky road, half a bacon and egg baguette, one bowl of creamy greens pasta, a forkful of watery tasting gluten free pasta and half a cup of healthy OJ.

GABS ate; half a portion of bacon and egg on toast, one bowl of creamy greens pasta, one glass of fresher than fresh OJ and a spoonful of gluten free pasta shite.

By the time we got to Wednesday… we had totally given up on trying to keep a food diary. But as you’ve probably figured out, what we had on a daily basis was not healthy. The cons of being a chalet girl is that you never really sit down to eat a full meal… at least we didn’t. Not on the days we worked anyway (which was six or seven days a week).

Thankfully, we really made the most of our nights off. And on this particular Wednesday night off… I HAD CHINESE.

It’s not THE noodles, but it is SOME noodles.

So the weather was horrendous, but JoJo and Jon drove Claire and I to Arinsal with chains on the wheels and we had one of the best meals of the whole season. It was like heaven was raining upon us as I dug into a vegetable Thai green curry with chopsticks.

It had been over three months since I had experienced Asian food. And it was perfect.

Chinese wasn’t the only thing I craved. I have a full page of my diary dedicated to things that I really wanted needed.

On that list was fish and chips, chicken nuggets, potato waffles, Chicago Town microwave pizzas, microwave Indian curries, pasta sauce, mixed vegetable packet rice and Dairy Milk. NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE AVAILABLE IN ANDORRA… so it seems.

Looking back on it now, not having microwave meals wasn’t that big of a deal, but it sure felt like it at the time. Who knew you could miss packet rice?

As I mentioned, when the mountain wasn’t closed (rendering us powerless to watching every episode of Inbetweeners back to back) we had a few laughs on the slopes. In fact, I was high fived by some hot snowboarder (is there any other kind of snowboarder?) for miraculously landing an accidental ollie over a hump. Does this make me a pro boarder?

The biggest downer this week was the departure of Claire looming over us on the upcoming Sunday. I KNOW RIGHT! Another chalet girl bites the proverbial dust… I couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t blame her either. The job was tough and once you were in that frame of mind, going home really feels like your only option. Sometimes it’s OK to just admit you want your Mum.

Fortunately for me I get to see my birthday twin again this summer, on my next big adventure to her neck of the woods. But for now, it was ciao.


And again, as one friend left… another arrived. And maaaaaaan, did Lucie rock the boat once she got settled (seriously, come back to check out week 14 and 15 for THAT little bundle of fun).

Coming up in week 13 we start conning local hotels into giving us free buffet dinners, we lose yet ANOTHER chalet host to injuries and I finally snowboarded to Pas de la Casa!

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