Diary Of A Chalet Chef Girl: Week 14, BIKINI MONDAYS… Andorra

Turns out I can’t spell ‘dietary.’ I wish one of you had told me. But at least I found out before I posted a post that may or may not vehemently slam anyone with crazy dietAry requirements. (Please don’t take this too personally… I just hate that my day got three times longer because you don’t want pork but you won’t eat nut roast either).

Apart from having SEVENTEEN PEOPLE with different dietary requirements, out of only twenty two guests, the week unfolded pretty well. Probably because I chose to glug down vodka and cokes on Top Of The World before stripping down to my bikini and tackling a red run in between breakfast and dinner shifts on Monday.

I met boyf of the week the next night and somehow ended up staying out Wednesday night… contributing slightly to my possible late arrival to breakfast on Thursday. Things were brought back under control in time for me to get changed, clear up and head out on our big staff jolly.

We were going to Arcalis… and all I wanted to do was snowboard all day long.


In the taxi up there I was feeling horrible. The windy lanes knocked me for six and it took everything in my power not to vomit on the back of my boss’ head.

When we got to our destination I was in absolute awe. The place was incredible (and I have no pictures to prove it). But annoyingly everyone had already had their fill of boarding and skiing and were hitting the beers hard. Gabs had disappeared and I suddenly felt quite alone.

The chalet girls were a little separate to the reps and God did we feel it that day. Everyone was pleasant enough… we just felt like we stood out a little.

Later on in the day we chowed down on a big fat BBQ. Heaven to Gabs and I who were now living on scraps of lemon drizzle. And then I helped myself to way too many free beers.

I might not have boarded us much as I’d liked… but I sure did get drunk. And then I tried to board home. And I think I might have broken my hip.

I cried pretty much the whole way home, laid out across the back seat of the coach. Hating life.

The next day I cursed myself as I couldn’t board on my morning off. Instead I laid about watching Home Alone the whole way through for the first time in my life.

This is chalet life. It’s not all rainbows and snow. Sometimes you just have to watch Macaulay Culkin be a whiny little bitch.


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