OZ BLOG: Day 21 – 26, We Got A Speeding Fine (Sorry Mum)… Hervey Bay & 1770, Australia

DID YOU KNOW… that Dan and Steph have a restaurant in Hervey Bay? DID YOU?! Do you even know who I’m talking about? You don’t do you… God dammit. Dan and Steph are winners of the popular TV show (even more popular in Australia) My Kitchen Rules. And they have a restaurant in Hervey Bay.

We found this out from a friendly Tinder guy, who randomly bought us lamb shanks on our last night in HB.

When we finally made it out of fat camp, without running over any puppies or stray children in ‘Wolf Creek territory,’ we headed straight for the closest Pizza Hut. We needed buffet. And we needed it now.

I think I went up a total of seven times… and then I had ice cream too. With brownies.


We later plotted up in Hervey Bay right next to an ants nest (didn’t actually affect us in the end) and went out for dinner.

It seemed like we were overindulging… but actually for AU$23 (£12ish) per person, we each got a three course Indian meal. It was… EPIC.

We started with a tasty starter of spring roll (yeh, I don’t get it… but nice anyway), onion bhaji and samosa. For main we each got a curry, a rice and a naan bread. For dessert, I had mango flavoured ice cream.

I’m a bit fussy about trying new Indian restaurants because my favourite back home is so bloody good. But this… this was exactly what I needed. I am complete.

The next day, we ambled around the one street of Hervey Bay aimlessly. We had some lunch, we perused a book exchange, I bought a book and then I went for a ‘pamper session’ at the beauty parlour.

For AU$30 (£15) I had my eyebrows ripped apart waxed and my hair cut. It was a freakin’ bargain and I’m so happy with all of it. The girl who did it was lovely and she did an awesome job.

Then I sat… for three days solid. Reading my book.

I finished it as the boys got back from their Fraser Island excursion and we all packed up ready to head to 1770 for what I thought was going to be the most AWESOME trip of my life.


We got a speeding ticket. Sorry, Mum.

We were driving on a 100km speed limit road but it dropped to 80km without any of us noticing. A police car pulled us over as we were doing 93km. He wrote our ticket and thankfully we paid the lower bracket fine of AU$150.

And because of our licenses being English, they aren’t affected by the points system in Australia. So we got away quite lightly with that one.

Still… fuck you, Bundaberg. And fuck you, Captain Jackass.

IN 1770

1770 is a weird little town which kind of merges with Agnes Water (the town next door). It’s beautiful… but littered with stone fish (apparently). Stone fish are pretty dangerous.

We all had a bit of breakfast at a café and I bought some fish food for AU$2. Then we sat on the jetty and fed fish and threw pellets at pelicans until we got bored and went to do some food shopping for our next big excursion… 1770 CASTAWAYS!


The next day we were getting in a tiny plane and being dropped off on an island to ‘survive’ for the weekend. I don’t even know how to apply insect repellent properly.

I concluded that I was going to die.

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