Regrouping… England & Spain

I don’t need to tell you guys that I’ve been too depressed/ unmotivated/ busy (being mopey) to write anything about what’s happened since I left Australia. Fortunately for you, I’ve just run myself a bath with only the hot tap and my cold water has been temporarily switched off, so I now have approximately an hour to wait for my bath to be a bearable temperature… and I can’t face tackling lesson plans on my day off. SO… I’m back.


After Oz, I felt like I had completely and utterly failed at life. I genuinely believed that “travel” was all I could do/ all I was meant to do. And by track record, it turned out I was pretty shit at it.

For a couple of weeks, I spent a lot of time with my Nan and Grandad watching Pointless and Tipping Point among various other day time TV shows. When it came to the evenings I hid myself in my room before having to endure too much of any one soap’s tragic story line. My Mum and Dad were preparing to spend a week on the coast in my happy place and, when they saw that being home was doing nothing for my self esteem, they booked me a seat on their flight.

Welcome to Zoe’s Home Mode.

None of it felt real until I was sat back in an airplane seat, staring out of the window at a beautiful sunrise sprawling across English skies, as we took off on our journey to Southern Spain.

I had a turbulent week. But, as I often do when surrounded by family, sunshine and copious amount of alcohol and food, I felt much more positive in the end. The highlight of my week was visiting a small village, called Mijas, built in the mountains near Fuengirola. Here I felt free to be happy again. I think the thing I love most about being a stranger in a strange place is that I have this no strings attached opportunity to be whoever the hell I want to be. In Mijas I had no obligation to think about where my life was heading because nobody else was.

So here’s a Spanish photo essay. Sort of… Actually, it’s just a lot of pictures of me looking like a doof. Enjoy:

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