China #3: The Land of I don’t care, I want to go home… Huzhou, China to London, England


I mean given my last blog post I guess it’s not really surprising that I’ve returned to England. My job wasn’t working out for me and China was aggressively getting on my tits on a daily basis.

Yes, I might have left on a particularly shitty note; storming out of the office whilst demanding my last two weeks pay and hot footing it to Shanghai for a last minute flight home. 

But by 6pm UK time on 19th November 2016, I was back in London and to this date I haven’t regretted running away from China at all. In fact, I hated China more than I hated Australia… and that is really saying something given the shit that went down there.

BTW, Shanghai Pudong airport is open at night, but most of the desks and shops are closed between 11pm and 6am.

A few days after landing, I got myself a fancy pants job as a mixologist in a new bar… but fancy pants, I certainly am not. And after two, unpaid 6 hour shifts, I quit.

The very next day, I started my job hunt again and by 4PM I was hired as a bar and front of house team member in another pub restaurant. It’s going well but I’m still exploring avenues into teaching and seem to have settled on gaining my PGCE this next academic year.

Updates will occur sporadically as I no doubt relocate around the UK gaining Qualified Teacher Status. And in that time I hope to make the most of my friends, family and being able to find milk at the supermarket in under two minutes.

I hope everyone had a magical Christmas and a very happy New Year.

1 thought on “China #3: The Land of I don’t care, I want to go home… Huzhou, China to London, England

  1. Happy your home, 2017 is going to be a great year. X

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