Moving Out of Mum and Dad’s (Part 6): Another curve ball

By ‘part 6’ I mean ‘for the 6th time’ since I left university in 2013. I am composing this post from my new, ensuite, loft bedroom in Peterborough, England.

Wait… what?

For those that aren’t up to date… 

  1. China ended on a somewhat bad note, and I returned home to the UK in November 2016
  2. I found myself a job in King’s Lynn and worked full time over Christmas to help top my savings back up

On 18th January, I sat down with an agency that places cover supervisors, teachers and teaching assistants in schools that need them. They were keen to send me to a Pupil Referral Unit in Peterborough that same Friday for an interview and taster morning.

Needless to say I loved it (really, I do enjoy unconventional institutions). The position is long term and I’m paid a daily rate by the agency, so I handed in my notice in King’s Lynn and began work in Peterborough the next Wednesday. That same weekend, I moved into Le House.

It’s strange living with others again… possibly stranger that The Others leave passive aggressive facebook messages on a designated house group page as the core means of communication. Honestly though, it’s not bad and I’ve settled in nicely.

Yesterday I attended an interview for a School Direct teacher training course at a Primary School situated just down the road from Le House. The ladies that interviewed me showered me with muchos praise, reiterated that they were very impressed with my interview and observation and offered me a place on the course starting in August. I wasn’t expecting to get a answer right there, in person, on the day and I think I made that quite obvious when I sat gawping like a codfish. 

But of course I’m thrilled.

Using monster adjectives to play a dictation game with Y3

Next step is to pass the Professional Skills Tests, which means travelling to Nottingham a couple of times over the next month and a ton of maths revision

Wish me luck!

1 thought on “Moving Out of Mum and Dad’s (Part 6): Another curve ball

  1. Onwards and upwards for sure. Well done, really proud of you xx

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