A yearly round up 2018/2019

This seems the most reasonable way to get this show back on the road. I’ve paid my obligatory web hosting fees and I’ll be damned if that £40 goes to waste. So here it is, what may or may not turn out to be a concise life update. LOL.

Following Summer 2018 I flew home to Blyth, to spend some quality time with Mum and Dad. Within a week, I was invited to a trial shift at a really lovely quayside hotel, where I signed a contract and then promptly told the manager (and my parents) that I was leaving to move in with my new boyfriend beyond the wall. Yes, NEWSFLASH – I had a new boyfriend. I say had because this was almost a year ago, and he’s not so new anymore.

September So arriving in Blair Atholl was nice. Originally we had two single rooms to share, but were upgraded to a double room inside the hotel, complete with nightly alarms that needed disabling because moths would fly in front of security sensors. Looking back, this arrangement was probably the cherry on top of the insanity cake that turned out to be working here.

October Mum, Dad and I went on our second holiday of the year (like buses, these family holidays) and found ourselves (after a two hour wait for our transfer) in Alanya, Turkey. The hotel was beautiful, the weather was hot, the market was interior design heaven and the beach kebab was to die for. I bought a bangin’ hat, and modeled it whenever I could. Honestly, it was the perfect holiday, and I only got sunstroke/a hangover once.

November Already out of love with work, but Kyle’s birthday was a great excuse for a trip North to visit his family in Inverness. Things might have been perfect had I not drunkenly eaten his breakfast Mcdonalds after he passed out. We stopped in at the Highland Wildlife Park in Kingussie to visit Hamish the baby polar bear and the elusive snow leopards. They’re cuuuuuuute.

December Christmas day sucked. I was nominated the designated driver (I never applied to be considered), so by the time we arrived home for Christmas dinner nobody else could be arsed, and I was left sober and bored. Nobody wanted to wait for roast potatoes to cook and I had to make do with a Christmas Roast SANS roast potatoes. SACRILEGE. Really, I should be grateful that the lovely family that owned the hotel had provided Christmas dinner ingredients for the live-in staff free of charge. But I spent the rest of the night angry at Kyle for falling asleep with his face in his plate at 6pm, chugged three bottles of red wine, danced the can-can and then spewed all over my bathroom wall. OH, and we went to Amsterdam earlier this month for the Christmas market. Which wasn’t there. Because we were too early. We had to do other things instead.

January New Years Eve/Hogmanay sucked. While I was darting about clearing glasses and missing out on the buffet, my boyfriend had finished early and I found him getting merry and dancing with everyone except me – a bit of a kick in the teeth. How dare he have fun in his time off. Eye roll. I then spent until 4AM cleaning up as part of a skeleton crew of losers who weren’t allowed to enjoy New Years Eve at all, drowning my sorrows in a glass of Prosecco each time I took yet another bin bag of silly string through to the kitchen. I don’t remember ever hating working a holiday quite so much. ROTA MORE STAFF FFS.

February We quit our jobs and spent a week sleeping on friend’s sofas/in family spare rooms/in hotels we couldn’t afford. We landed a job in France on a Wednesday morning, and left Scotland that afternoon. Chalet hosting in Tignes was off to a good start; I broke the boa on my snowboarding boots on our first day, before I even made it on to the hill. Over the months of February, March and April we argued, made up, thought about leaving and then got drunk and didn’t. We met great people, and shitty people, and sometimes odd people with a lot of valuables and were probably definitely spies. We enjoyed our job for the most part and we loved our employers but by the time the snow began to melt, we were looking forward to a month off and saying goodbye to this little resort we were calling home.

May Since we drove out to France, we had to drive back. This time we planned a route through Germany to avoid French tolls. We had a list of places we wanted to see and explore, alas the brakes fell off the car in Switzerland and we were FORCED to explore Basel. Not a terrible thing, but we spent most of our savings buying a Subway and a coffee along with taking out a new loan against the Bank of Mum and Dad for no less than £1000 to fix the car. Shit. We have concluded that Germany is amazing, Bruges is crap and my brother and Becca’s new house in London is fire. Arriving in Amsterdam on King’s Day was the best decision we’ve ever made, and we’ll be returning for cheap street cocktails next year if we can.

For my birthday we stayed at Kyle’s Dad’s in the Scottish highlands. There are deer, they are adorable. You can find pictures on MOOMADs insta. There’s also rivers and lochs, they are cold and I don’t recommend skinny-dipping.

June And here we have it, we started work in the Lake District in May (a couple of days after my birthday to be exact) and I’m actually really enjoying it. We camp on the weekends (when we’re not getting the car fixed) and we get a lot of free drinks, so spending isn’t quite as high (when we’re not getting the car fixed). Paying our parents back is going quite well, mostly for the loans they gave us when we were getting our car fixed. There’s a theme here. We found the job on Workabout, and I would recommend anyone unafraid of a busy establishment to work a summer season in the Lakes.

We’ve done a little exploring here and it’s far prettier than I ever imagined it would be. Our usual spots are Kendal (home of Kendal Mint Cake), Windermere, Ambleside, Bowness-on-Windermere, Elterwater and Duddon Valley. We’ve been as far as Blackpool and Lancaster, and next week we’ll be in Manchester. I’ll leave you with some photos.

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